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Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to mow your lawn? Cutting grass more than 1/3 of its length may damage the turf! 

Cutting grass that has overgrown should be done in stages. Raise the mower height before your first cut. Then, you may change your mower height back to your normal height, and mow a few days later. This will prevent any trauma or shock to the grass, and will help your lawn look its best.

Grass has both a growth season and a dormant season. It is important to take proper care before, during and after each of these cycles to keep the lawn healthy year round. 

During spring, allow grass to grow 2-3 inches in height. This will help it retain moisture. 

During the hottest part of summer, keep it a bit longer to protect the turf from being "burned" by the sun. 

It is better to have your lawn cut weekly, to prevent it from becoming too long and running into any problems listed above.

 Lot Size (Sq. Ft)

Weekly Service

 5,000-6,000 (smaller lot)


 11,000 (.25 acres)


 14,500 (.33 acres)

 $35 - 40

22,000 (.50 acres) 



 33,000 (.75 acres)

 $65 - 75

 44,000 (1 acre)

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*Note: We reserve the right to adjust prices based on the length of the grass or anything that may extend the time of the job. 

*Note: Brownsburg Lawn Care will dispose of the brush, but is unable to remove large trees. We are not responsible for damaged or dying bushes or shrubs. We reserve the right to change prices based on size and overgrowth of the bushes or shrubs.

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