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Is your lawn looking as good as it could? When was the last time you had it aerated? When is the best time to aerate your lawn?

Aeration strengthens the root system of your lawn, breaks up compacted soil and breathes new life into your turf. The machine pulls three inch plugs out of your turf and deposits them on the top layer. This process allows water, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the surface to develop a stronger root system. Over time, this leads to a thicker, more full looking lawn. I recommend aerating once in early spring and once in the fall. 

For an even thicker lawn, I recommend over-seeding the lawn after aeration. This will allow for new growth as well as a deeper root system. Over-seeding should be done in the fall. 

You will want to make sure your lawn has been mowed prior to it being aerated. Also, I recommend watering it two to three days before your scheduled appointment. This will loosen up the soil and provide you with a deeper plug for better results.

Aeration Pricing Table

 Lot Size (Sq. Ft)


 5,000-6,000 (smaller lot)


 11,000 (.25 acres)


14,500 (.33 acres)


22,000 (.50 acres) 


33,000 (.75 acres)


44,000 (1 acre)

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*Important: Home owners must mark sprinkler heads, shallow cables or invisible fencing. Brownsburg Lawn Care is not responsible for damage to unmarked cables and wires.

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